3coty® will be at the FIFe World Show in person

Come and visit us at the FIFe World Show

We are extremely excited to be part of the FIFe World Show 2021 in Vicenza, Italy this month. Over the last few years, some clubs and associations have held virtual shows or broadcast shows at which few people were allowed. The time has come again though for breeders and owners to come together in one place again and present their pedigree cats to the judges.

Aggie, Marcin and Andrea are also going to be there, and we look forward to seeing many of you in Italy.

As part of our support to 3cotyClub members, we can bring your day’s supply of food for the cats you are showing. Just get in touch before the show and let us know your show cat’s preferred flavour. One less thing for you to worry about when packing everything up for the show!

If you are not yet a 3cotyClub member – join today! You don’t have to be at the FIFe World Show to benefit from discounts.

Will we see you at the FIFe World Show 2021 in Vicenza? Come and visit our stand!

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