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Brand-new cooperation in Finland

Giving Finnish customers more options.
Many of our customers are in Finland. We have a long relationship with two Finnish cat clubs, Suomen Egyptinmaut ry and Cornish Rex ry, which may have contributed to cat owners in Finland learning about our 100% meat natural wet cat food. We love going to cat shows in Finland and meet our customers at the Surok or Pirok shows. They are always…

Nutritional Yeast as a food supplement

How baker’s yeast becomes inactive and a valuable source of vitamins.
Inactive nutritional yeast is increasing in popularity as a complementary food for cats. It is not the same as the block or powdered yeast bought to bake bread, but shares its high B vitamin content for healthy skin and fur and peptide to support the digestive system. What is yeast? Yeast is a collective term for…

Because cats get older too

Our new line dedicated to senior cats.
Our aim at 3coty® is to help cats live long and healthy lives. We know that as cats get older, their needs may change. Some older cats will have lost teeth and struggle to chew shredded or paté foods. Many older cats have digestive problems leading to painful and difficult-to-manage constipation. To enable owners to help their cats as they…

Why should a cat’s diet be based on meat?

Plant-based proteins can be detrimental to your cat’s health.
There are increasing movements encouraging people to consume less meat and find plant-based sources of protein. Many people are adopting this #lifestyleshift in their own lives and then start investigating how they can share this approach with their pets. We have been asked in the past whether we produce vegan cat food.…

3coty® launches cat food tailored to older cats

New food for senior cats supports digestion.
As cats get older, their nutritional needs often change. Their digestive system can get sluggish as their bodies age. When this happens, it can lead to digestive discomfort or painful constipation. The 3coty® team has applied their usual scientific approach to understanding the root cause of the problem and finding a nutritional approach…

Cheers! Our nutritious broth to encourage drinking

Full meat flavor broth that cats will just lap up.
Cats evolved to survive in the desert. They have a low thirst drive and tend to get all the fluid they need from the wet food they eat. Consuming enough liquid is vital to supporting healthy kidney function. Sometimes it can be difficult to encourage your cat to drink enough. To help make drinking more interesting, we have…

It’s showtime again!

North Sea Winner Show – 3 days 2 certificates.
Over the Easter weekend, the regular organisers of the FIFe North Sea Winner Show 2024 are once again putting together a full weekend cat show. This is the same team who put together the World Show in Belgium, one of the best-organised shows we have been to. We are proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s North Sea Winners…

Research findings on cat obesity

Some owners can’t tell their cat has a weight problem.
The Association for the Prevention of Pet Obesity recently published their regular survey on the state of obesity in pets. Unfortunately, the number of cats classified as overweight or obese by the veterinary professionals surveyed increased slightly to 61%. Previously 60% of cats fell into the overweight or obese ranges.…

3coty® releases Cheers! – a line of broth drink for cats

Made from meaty broth, 3coty® Cheers! encourages cats to drink.
To add to their 100% meat-based wet cat food 3coty® has developed a line of drinks for cats with the same meaty goodness. Having evolved in deserts, cats have a low thirst drive. Their bodies are designed to obtain their liquid requirement from the prey they kill. Although they will at times drink, insufficient liquid…

Natural processes on natural food

Slight color differences at the top of the tin.
At 3coty® we pride ourselves on making 100% natural food made from 100% meat. This means that we do not add any preservatives or colorants or stabilisers to our food. In the wild, a cat would not get any of these, why should they get them in your home? To make sure that our food stays free from bacteria or other contaminants, we use a…

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