Cat Cafés

Spending time with cats away from home

As cat owners, we all know how calming and restful it is to sit with a cat. Whether they are on our laps or sitting next to us, the closeness has a very relaxing effect on cat-loving humans. We also know that some cats are not too keen on traveling. Luckily, the show cats the 3coty® team has are happy travellers, but even we can’t always take our cats with us.

Cat cafés are a wonderful invention that allows cat lovers to benefit from the proximity of a cat when away from home. The first cat café in modern times was in Taiwan and the idea quickly caught on across Japan, Korea, and Singapore. Now there are cat cafés in many European cities too, such as Rotterdam, Krakow, Turin, Luxembourg and Munich.

Although there are different opinions on whether cats in cat cafés are happy, we are pretty sure that if they were not, the café operators would know! Aggie has spent time in Neko no Niwa in Singapore and loved it. We are all the more sorry to read that this cat café is closing down. We hope all their cats find great homes to live in and are a little relieved to read that there are other cat cafés in Singapore.

Have you visited a cat café? Which one? Would you write a review of it for us?

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