Cats should only be given meat to eat

Cats’ digestions evolved to only digest meat

We have talked about what cats eat in the wild a lot and unsurprisingly, it is mainly meat. They hunt animals of different sizes and eat them. It would not cross our mind to imagine a tiger eating a carrot, the way we imagine a rabbit digging up roots to eat. And yet, we keep seeing cat food on the shelves of shops which includes carrots, peas and grains in the ingredients. We were even asked at a pet show open to the public whether we sold vegan cat food.

The reason we make 100% meat food is that cats’ metabolic system has not fully evolved to digest any other foods. The digestive tract is short in relation to overall body size and optimised to extract all necessary nutrients from animal tissue . Be it the protein needed to maintain muscle or the amino acids to regulate mineral uptake from the bones of the prey. Adding plant matter to a cat’s diet can lead to insufficient nutrient absorption and loading up the feline body with unnecessary carbohydrates. A cat expected to have a vegan diet is likely to suffer significant health problems.

The human body has evolved to extract nutrients from a wide range of foods, which is why it is possible to have a complete, balanced and natural human diet which is 100% plant-based. The different evolution of cats means that the only way for them to have a complete, balanced and natural feline diet is when it is 100% meat-based.

Are you sure that all the food you feed your cat is suited to what it has evolved to eat?

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