Changes in July

Explaining why we are making some changes

Like many other companies, we are unfortunately having to increase the price of some of our products in July 2022. We are very proud to have extended our lifestyle shift to our production. We changed the timing of production processes to optimally use our solar power. This means we have become a lot less dependent on energy price changes.

However, the fresh meat we buy has become more expensive. We could have kept the prices the same and reduced the quality. This would have been against our philosophy of placing the health of cats at the centre of everything we do. We believe that the quality of our 100% natural wet cat food is what makes us different, so we have decided that we will keep the meat sources the same, even if we have to pay more for the same quality. We are only passing on those ingredient price increases we have experienced.

Balancing the price and quality, we have to make three products more expensive than the others: 05. Duck, 06. Goose and 11. Turkey with Chlorella.

We strive to produce natural, free from any fillers or preservatives, high-quality products. We believe that a healthy diet has a direct impact on the quality of life for us humans. The same goes for the feline members of our families. Our current food is suitable for all cats, specially designed for cats with food allergies, ideal for diabetic cats, cats with stomach sensitivities or as a replacement to BARF. We are constantly developing new products as support for various health conditions.

Does your cat have any special requirements or health conditions? Are you managing them with their diet?

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