Closing the lid

The story of our lids is changing

We package 3coty® natural wet cat food in a range of tin sizes to reflect that the number of cats at any one mealtime can vary. We also know that not all tins are emptied at each mealtime. Our gentle preserving process means that opened tins of our food do not need to be refrigerated for up to 12 hours after opening. It still benefits from being covered, so that it doesn’t get contaminated. And owners who do want to put it in the fridge may want to prevent the whole fridge from smelling of meat. We, therefore, wanted to make it easy for owners to cover the opened but unfinished tins of cat food. To discourage the use of cling film, which would be thrown away after each use, we make and send lids. They come in sizes to match our tins and are fully coordinated with our brand. Their popularity at events shows they have become a kind of signature product.

We have been sending lids with all orders in the size that fits the tins being ordered. But unlike the tins, which are emptied and can then only be put in the recycling bin, the lids last. They are used, reused, and sometimes used for tins other than 3coty® food. They strongly support our value of reducing (food) waste and reusing what we have. But there is a limit on the number of cat food lids any cat owner needs at any one time. Some of our customers have been adding ‘No lids please’ into the Additional Information box at the checkout. Others have been wondering whether they could be collector’s items they can sell on a black market.

The message from our long-standing customers is very clear – they have enough lids now and don’t need any more. We have therefore decided not to include them automatically in every order placed. This also reduces the amount of plastic used and made and therefore discarded. We still have plenty of lids and will always include lids in orders placed by first-time customers. If you are a long-standing customer and need more, or have changed the size of tins and the ones you have no longer fit, just let us know in the Additional Information box at the checkout and we will put some into your order.

Do you use your 3coty® tin lids for tins other than cat food? If so, what tins do you use them for?

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