Come and visit us in Tampere and Riga

More shows in more places

After the great success of the ExpoZoo in Paris, where we met so many existing and new customers, we are very excited to be at two more shows in the near future.

The Scandinavian Winner Show will be in Tampere, Finland, on 16 and 17 April. It is a FIFe show, for which registration closed in mid-March and we are hoping to see a stunning selection of cats of many breeds. The fifteen judges are from across Europe and we are sure they are looking forward to meeting many beautiful cats too. It is open to the public, more information (in Finnish, Swedish and English) is at

Hot on its heels in May, the Baltic Winner Show is taking place in Riga, Latvia on 7 and 8 May. Also a FIFe show, entries are still open until 10 April 2022, so you will have to register today if you have not done so yet. Seven judges have been confirmed and applications remain open for stewards wishing to contribute to the show. More information on the Baltic Winner show is at

The 3coty® team really enjoys attending these events. Over the years we have found so many breeders share our passion for natural food for their cats. They have inspired both flavours of our foods and tin sizes and we are proud to help the Main Coon breeders who asked for larger tins reduce their feeding time and waste. If you are there, come and say hello!

Are you going to Tampere or Riga? Tell us about your prize-winning cats!

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