Comforting your cat with the right foods

Nutritional supplements which can de-stress your cat

That the feline body is complex goes without saying. Alongside the immune system and how the body processes sugars, the endocannabinoid system also influences wellbeing. This system manages the transmission of information between healthy cells and usually functions by itself. The prefix “endo” means “internal” or “within” and in most situations the internal endocannabinoid system self-regulates.

There are times though when this system becomes out of balance. We can help re-balance it by giving our cat certain phytonutrients. The phrase “cannabinoid” may have already given you a clue that these nutrients are derived from Cannabis Sativa, fibre hemp. We have been working with a specialist hemp company, to develop an oil that can deliver the re-balancing benefits without inadvertently creating further problems. Our Partners have been growing and processing hemp in Poland since 2017 and are at the forefront of processing technologies to extract the beneficial nutrients from hemp.

If your cat is recovering from an illness, battling allergic reactions, managing cancer treatment, or stressed because of an environmental change you cannot reduce, then adding a few drops of 3coty® Comfort Oil for Cats to your cat’s food can help regulate their endocannabinoid system. This will support their nervous system function, which in turn will enable the cat’s body to deal with the other challenges better.

How do you help de-stress your cat?

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