Feeding cats what they evolved to eat

Why some cat food is not natural

In the wild, all cats exclusively eat meat, regardless of where they evolved. They are predators (and can be prey) and hunt animals from frogs to zebras. Their bodies have evolved to digest meat and cats are able to extract all necessary nutrients from meat alone. It follows that our pet cats should also only eat meat.

With the increase in pet cats, the cat food production industry has also grown and production processes and cost considerations mean that many cat food companies add vegetables or grains to their cat foods. These are not natural sources of food for cats and artificial meat flavours often need to be added to convince cats to eat the non-meat content of their food bowl. The vegetables, grains and flavours can also place additional strain on the cats’ bodies as they did not evolve to eat them.

The approach at 3coty® is to provide natural food, which is good for the cats, in convenient packaging, which makes life easier for the owners. The range includes mono-protein flavours to enable elimination diets if needed, as well as specifically formulated flavours to support baby kittens and nursing mothers, growing kittens, and adult cats, including a line devised for sterilised cats. All our food is complete, natural, balanced 100% meat-based. If your cat does not need it, it is not in our food.

Do you read cat food labels and know your cat is only eating natural food?

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