Festive Feasts

What makes a special treat for your cat?

This time of year is full of festive foods for us humans. Depending on your country and culture that could be a feast of turkey, goose, or duck or herring. Some of these are exactly the same things we put into the 100% meat natural 3coty® cat food! But please do not share your deliciously cooked meals with your cat. No matter how much they want to have their share of what is on your table.

The main reason not to share our delicious dishes is what else is in and on the food we eat. Most will usually have been seasoned, some have other additives to make the last longer (pickled herring or Christmas ham!). Human bodies are conditioned to manage with added salt (not too much of course!) and our longer digestive tract makes it easier for us to remove other non-nutritious additives. Our reaction to various spices is mainly pleasure. But cats should not be given more salt than is naturally occurring in the flesh and inner organs of the animals they eat. Preservatives and flavourings cannot be properly disposed of in their digestive system. Giving them a slice of your crispy turkey, even without gravy, can be detrimental to their health. It is unlikely to kill them straight away, but in the long term it can affect their quality of life.

A better option is to use this occasion to look at the ingredients in your cat’s food closely. Does it contain vegetables? Does it contain grains? Does it contain any possible allergens such as colourants or preservatives? If the answer to any of these is yes, the best present you can give your cat this year is a #lifestyleshift to natural 100% meat cat food.

Is your cat included in the gift-giving? What is your favourite cat gift?

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