Formula changes and longer life

Developments in ingredients, use-by dates and packaging

We have started selling more of our natural cat food outside the EU. We have been using hemp seed oil as a source of omega fatty acids for many years. Hemp seed oil is less well understood in some countries, and we cannot export it to all of them. Rather than make two kinds of cat food, we have changed the formula for all flavours. We have re-balanced the ratio of plant oils in our foods to make more use of evening primrose oil, without the use of hemp seed oil. We will keep using hemp seed oil in our well-being product lines, such as 91. Comfort Oil for Cats, just not in the food.

The use-by date of our tins has been continuously tested at our supervising veterinary laboratory which has now confirmed quite how conservative we were. In practice, the food remains safe to feed for a lot longer than we had indicated. We, and our inspectors, are now confident this longer life is consistently achieved. We will therefore change the use-by date from 18 months from production to 24 months from production. Once open, we still recommend feeding it to your cat within 24 hours of opening. It will stay fresh in the fridge, but most cats prefer food that is not cold, so a smaller tin size may be more suitable if you cannot feed the whole tin in 24 hours.

We are also using a new style of box, which reduces the amount of overall waste but does require using tape. Please remember to remove the tape before disposing of the boxes in your paper recycling.

How long in advance do you order your cat food?

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