It is #veganuary again

The #lifestyleshift for you and your cat

This time last year we took advantage of the #veganuary trend to talk about how humans and their cats can make a #lifestyleshift to live healthier and therefore happier, longer lives. Many #veganuary suggestions help people shift their food intake away from meat and to being more plant-based without being unhealthy. This last bit is really important if you want to change your own diet. Humans are omnivores and are rather good at extracting nutrients from many sources as long as they eat food that contains those nutrients. If, for example, you decide to reduce or eliminate meat from your diet, you need to ensure that you replace it with an alternative source of protein. Beans, soya, and legumes are common, whether made into bean burgers, tofu or chickpea curry. Your digestive system will be able to extract the protein necessary for you to stay healthy.

As much as cats have in common with us, their digestive system is very different. They are carnivores, not omnivores. This means their bodies can only process meat. If they eat anything else, they cannot extract any of the nutrients the food contains. This can have two effects: nutrient deficiencies because they just don’t get all the protein, minerals, and amino acids they need, or diseases because their body becomes overloaded with carbohydrates they cannot digest. The only food which a cat should eat is meat, which can never be replaced by plant protein.

If you spent last January more conscious of the sources of your nutrients and choosing the food which is best for you and your environment, you may have learned a lot of new ways to eat healthily. For your cat, there really is only one way: 100% meat. This can help your cat live a happier, healthier, and longer life. The equivalent to #veganuary for humans is #meatonlycatfood for your cat. We know some of our customers started their journey on this #lifestyleshift last year and would love to hear from others about how it is going for them and their feline friends!

Did you change your diet and that of your cat last year? How is that going? Will you try this year?

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