Making diet changes with the New Year

Tempted by #Veganuary?

For many people, January is the month in which to start new and healthier activities. The #Veganuary movement supports those who want to try living vegan for the first month of the year. This can be a good idea for humans, as our bodies require a mixture of protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre (Guidelines in all European countries promote a mixture of these food groups).

The human body needs different sources of nutrients. Just as important, the human body is able to process all these different types of food to be able to extract the right nutrients. Our stomach is followed by a long intestinal tract which means that food is processed in such a way to enable us to metabolise all the ingredients. Human physical evolution adapted to a lifestyle in which there was rarely certainty of a single source of food. The body, therefore, needed to be able to find a way to cope and survive with a wide range of different types of food.

Choosing to become vegan can be very healthy as long as a suitable plant-based protein source is found as an alternative to animal products. Our bodies are able to extract proteins from legumes and nuts in our digestive process. There is plenty of good advice available to help humans live a healthy vegan lifestyle – Aggie, one of the founders of 3coty® is vegan. She last ate meat in 1996!

Cat digestion is rather different though. In the wild, cats only have one source of food, other animals. Their physical evolution did not require them to adapt to different kinds of food and to this day, their bodies are set up to eat only meat.

Cats’ digestive tract is shorter than the human one, not just in real terms because they are smaller, but also in relative terms. This means that they have far less time to extract nutrients from their food and it needs to arrive in their stomachs in the way they can digest it.

The protein in peas or soya beans, which humans are able to absorb in their digestion to their benefit, cannot be absorbed by a cat’s body. Substituting any type of beans for meat, therefore, means that they cannot take on as much protein and nutrients per mouthful of food they eat. So rather than being healthy for a cat, providing them with plant-based food is actually harmful to their health.

The best way your cat can join you in your #lifestyleshift to a healthy 2022 is for their diet to become completely meat-based. No added soya, no added carbohydrates, no added preservatives, no added wheat.

“I am proud to be living healthy and I am proud to give my cats #meatonlycatfood. My #veganuary started in 1996 and never ended! Join me in 2022 for a healthier lifestyle! “

3coty® co-founder

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