Nutrition and cat’s coat

Nutrition makes a difference when it comes to your cat’s coat

Only because a cat’s skin is mostly covered in fur does not mean it isn’t the largest organ of its body. Indications of reduced well-being show on our cats’ coats. Cats shed their coat, allowing its replacement to compensate for the change in temperatures. It still needs to be groomed and good nutrition and general health are of great importance to sustaining a healthy coat.

Weather, temperatures, hormones, metabolic issues, stress, digestive problems or parasites can result in a dull coat. If your cat’s shiny fur stops being shiny and you don’t know why it is worth visiting a vet to find out what could be the cause. Diabetes for example can have a detrimental effect on a cat’s fur. By providing your cat with a healthy lifestyle, with high-quality, nutritious, and natural food and plenty of exercise opportunities, you may be able to prevent some of these conditions in the first place. A correctly balanced diet containing the proper levels of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins and plenty of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids helps support the maintenance of a glossy, shiny coat.

Our 3coty® natural, balanced and complete cat food includes a combination of oils to be able to maintain healthy skin and fur. Evening Primrose has not only anti-allergic properties but also strengthens the coat and helps with skin irritations. Our most recent product lines with spirulina superfood provide a boost to the immune system and help fight allergies. Breeders around the world have been using spirulina to improve coat and stimulate hair growth.

What super ingredient have you tried to improve your cat’s coat?

Talk to us as we are constantly looking for new solutions!

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