Responding to breeders’ requests

As requested – a Baby Kitten and Mother Cat food

>When we ask you to make suggestions, we do so because we are truly interested in how we can help you and your cats start and live a healthy life. We created larger tins on request and now are pleased to be launching our Baby Kitten & Mother Cat food.

Like all our foods, it is meat-only natural cat food. Like all feeding mothers, feeding kittens takes a toll on the body of a queen. We have boosted the taurine levels to help her body sustain the kittens and herself. The coat is often the first place to show the effort of feeding so we have added spirulina to help maintain it. And the food’s consistency means it is ideal as a first food for the kittens when they are being weaned off the milk. The added taurine and spirulina help their growth and development too.

We used to be breeders too and remember the fun and games of starting kittens off on a different food to that which the mother was eating. So when we recently had a new litter of kittens at home, we are pleased this food passed the last and most important test. Our queen and her kittens all ate the mother & baby food, each from their own bowl. We still had kitten paws in food bowls, but that is part of the fun!

What do you think we should be researching next? Does your cat have a health problem you would like us to help with?

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