Spirulina – not just for adult cats!

Superpower right from the start

We know we have been going on about how our wet cat food with added spirulina is so beneficial to cats, but the contribution to feline health does not start once your cat is grown up. As kittens transition from their mother’s milk to solid food, their own immune system develops to fight off diseases and illnesses. The spirulina boost can accelerate the development of the immune system.

Spirulina contains high amounts of vitamin A, B12 and E as well as its wealth of minerals, from easy-to-absorb iron (not the usual additive iron-sulphate) to valuable fatty acids including GLA. The low fibre cell structure makes it easier for a developing digestive system to absorb all these nutrients and help the kitten develop into a healthy and active adult cat.

Particularly breeders were asking for a baby kitten friendly version of our spirulina foods which they can also feed to the mother, wanting to give their kittens the best start in life once they start on solid food. Having carefully tested the necessary proportions, we have now added kitten food to the list of foods enhanced with spirulina. This means we now have the two mono-protein adult foods made of either chicken or turkey as well as the newly launched kitten food.

How do you start your kittens on their first solid food? From a spoon, syringe or your finger?

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