Sustainable Production

Our sustainable production meets your sustainable consumption

UN research suggests that 13% of food is lost between harvest and retail and a further 17% of food is wasted at the consumer level. We have taken steps at 3coty® to reduce the amount of waste arising before our cat food is sold and are helping you reduce waste once it arrives with you.

One of the key advantages of making meat into pet food is that we can use all parts of the animal carcass. When a cat kills and eats a bird in the wild, it eats the necks, bones and most of the innards. In the same way, we use chicken necks, duck innards and goose bones when making our complete cat food from each of these animals. This reduces the amount of waste between the farm and the tin.

We understand that breeders and cat owners may want to buy one larger-sized tin rather than two smaller ones, even if not all the food from the larger tin is put into the food bowl at once. To help you keep any opened and unused tins fresh, we send plastic tin lids with the first order we receive. That way you can reduce food waste at the consumer level. We know that secretly, some of our lids are being used to keep other things fresh, not just 3coty® cat food, but don’t mind that at all.

Do you use our tin lids to keep other things fresh? Send us your pictures!

Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

There are 11 targets within this goal and we won’t talk about all of them here, just highlight those we are working towards. We are proud that our zero waste production process contributes to the target to halve global per capita food waste. Luckily, cats eat all parts of their prey, so it is easy for us to use all the animal ingredients we buy.

Our commitment to 100% meat and local suppliers means that our suppliers have less waste too. Chicken necks don’t sell well at butcher’s shops but are a perfect source of calcium in cat food. Our commitment to recycling both in terms of the selection of packaging products and in helping our customers recycle it is clear.

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