Switching to 3coty®

What to expect when switching over to 3coty®

Cats like routine and are not keen on change. Introducing anything new to them can take time. This applies to a new food as much as a new home or a new fellow animal in the household. Knowing what to expect and how to manage it will help you and your cat adjust to the change.

We have summarised our recommended transition on this page [link] that you can use as a quick reference. An important part of this changeover is to put both types of food (the previous and 3coty®) into the same bowl. That way your cat will learn that although they may smell different, both are food for them.

Don’t be concerned if you find less poo in the litter box than before. The lack of carbohydrates in 3coty® 100% meat cat food means more of what your cat is eating is being processed by its digestive system and therefore less bulk is left over. It may also smell less because in the wild cat faeces have no strong odour. Approximating your pet’s food to its diet in the wild means its excrement will adjust to the natural consistency and smell.

How quickly did your cat adjust to 3coty®? Tell us your experiences of introducing changes to your cat

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