The power of the sun

Solar Power Net Zero

Cats and their well-being are the foundation of 3coty®. Their well-being in turn depends on how we as owners interact with them as well as with the wider world. If our actions damage the environment, they reduce our cat’s ability to have a long healthy life.

Making cat food that helps the #lifestyleshift to a healthier way of living for your cat is the part you, our customers see. Behind the scenes, we have concluded our own #lifestyleshift to ensure that the way we make the 100% natural wet cat food is as supportive of a healthy environment as it can be.

Moving our offices from the centre of Warsaw out to the factory site had a number of advantages, including a reduction in the cost and carbon footprint of travel between the two sites.  The more important and higher impact change was the installation of photovoltaic panels. Whether it is the meat grinding and shredding machines, the canning and sealing stage or the slow gentle preservation process, they all require electricity. By making our own from daylight we are further reducing reliance on non-renewable sources of power.

The installation also provided us with a detailed analysis of our power consumption profile. Using this, we have re-organised a number of the production stages to make the most use of the power being produced, when it is being produced. Although it may feel most practical to box the tins up when they have been sealed, that is an activity that requires low levels of electricity (light for the manpower to work by). We have therefore moved it to a post 4pm task.

Since the installation of our solar panels, we have generated 11000 kWh of power. The power we don’t use for our production is fed into the local power grid for others to use. To date, using our solar power, we have avoided 11000 kg of CO2 in our production, which is equivalent to 4500 kg of coal. This is equivalent to saving 600 trees.

How do you participate in reducing your carbon footprint?

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