The secret behind a cat’s sense of smell

Why they smell better?

Did you know that cats can smell with their mouths? They have a vomeronasal organ (also called Jacobson organ) in the roof of their mouths through which they can sense scents. They also have up to 40 times more odour sensors in their noses than humans. No wonder cats have an extraordinary sense of smell! In the wild, this is an important way to detect harm or prey at a distance.

Cats’ sense of smell is especially sensitive to odours containing nitrogen compounds, which is why cats reject rancid or slightly “off” foods, which release nitrogen rich chemicals. They also avoid citrus, lavender or geranium smells often like by humans. Catnip scent on the other hand is much enjoyed by some cats. It contains a chemical closely related to that excreted by a female cat in heat. You would think only intact males would be attracted, but plenty of females and castrated toms bask in it too.

Some cat foods contain artificial flavouring. At 3coty® we don’t add any artificial ingredients, so our food may smell different, which some cats may take time to get used to. Giving smaller portions more frequently ensures the food in the cat bowl is always fresh. Particularly on hotter days, food may not stay fresh as long and develop the nitrogen smell quicker than usual.

We have been asked a few times to make food with catnip. Do you think it is a good idea? Do you want your cat to be a tester?

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