Where does the jelly come from?

What is the jelly in 3coty®?

Jelly is odd. Even one dictionary definition is circular, stating “any substance having the consistency of jelly”. Another definition explains it better, “food preparation of a soft elastic consistency due to the presence of gelatine, pectin, etc.”. But what is gelatine, pectin and etc?

Gelatine is hydrolysed collagen and made from animal products such as bones, skin and connective tissue. Pectin is present in fruit, especially apples. The “etc.” of the definition includes spray dried plasma, made from healthy animal blood, centrifuged to separate it from blood cells. An alternative vegan gelling agent, stronger than pectin, is Agar Agar a seaweed product.

Having explained these gelling agents, we confess that none of them are added to 3coty® cat food. Our main ingredients are natural meat and meat derivatives, which happen also to be sources of gelatine. Because the water content of food is important for cats, the process we developed cooks the meats slowly, retaining the liquid. Depending on the collagen content it turns to jelly or jus, which goes into the tin with the meat. The jelly you see in the tin of turkey food comes from turkeys. On hot days the food may seem a bit more liquid because natural jelly “melts” naturally when it is warm and no artificial thickening agents are added.

Our cats always start their meal with “drinking” the jelly or jus. How about your cat? Tell us!

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