Why cats become overweight

It isn’t just about food

There appear to be more overweight cats these days than in the past, some research indicates that over the last 10 years, there has been an increase of 160 – 170% in cats being overweight. We believe there are at least two reasons for this – the food cats eat and the amount they move.

It is no surprise that as natural cat food producers we understand a lot about what cats need to eat and ensure that if your cat does not need it, it is not in our food. Feeding your cat the right way is a key part of helping them live a long life. Providing sufficient exercise opportunities is just as important.

We have mentioned before that not having to hunt for their food can make cats lazy and less interested in being active. As owners, we can encourage more activity. Not by making them hunt for their food bowl, but by playing with them in a way they enjoy. Some cats like chasing a flashing ball around the living room, others like trying to catch ribbons or toys on the end of a stick. Cat wheels are increasingly popular and can provide cats who are interested in them with endless exercise. The important thing is to find what your cat enjoys – they are all different and don’t necessarily enjoy the same thing as their housemates!

What does your cat enjoy doing? Have you bought toys they just ignore?

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