Zero Waste

The steps we take to minimise waste

Zero Waste is an important subject for us as wasting resources can be detrimental to the lives of humans and animals. Using resources carefully is our way to help you and your cat live long and healthy lives together and we want to tell you what it is we do, to reduce waste.

All the ingredients we buy make it into the tins. Only very rarely, do we have more bones left than we can include in the natural wet cat food we make.  The fresh meat we buy comes on bones and we grind them to a calcium-rich paste.  It is crucial for proper calcium levels and means we don’t need to add eggshells to our food to make sure it is balanced.  On the occasions we have too many bones,  we have found an organic waste disposal firm where the bones are composted with other organic waste and used to make plant fertiliser.

We are more careful with our empty cans than the full ones. The empty ones can easily be bent which means they cannot be filled with 3coty® food. We only print labels when they are needed. There are many regulations on labelling pet food, which change at times. To prevent having labels from becoming out of date, we only print as many as we have tins requiring labels.

You can do your thing to contribute to Zero Waste too by feeding all of the tin’s content to your cat. We provide lids so that you can keep the food protected if you don’t empty a tin at one feeding and our food is sterilised so remains fit to eat for 48 hrs after the tin is opened.

Do you have any tips on how to reduce waste arising from having cats?

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