Tested on animals?

Why we ask cats to test all our recipes

Testing on animals is a controversial topic. Testing of soaps and cosmetics to be used by humans was once commonplace. Following campaigns to reduce cruelty to animals, this is now rarely the case. Scientists have found other methods to find out whether something is likely to irritate human skin and now use those in early testing phases. These products are eventually tested on humans, the adverts of people testing a skin cream for 14 days show this.

Our products are not tested on humans. But they are tested on animals – cats. Any newly developed flavor to help support a particular health issue is always tested on (and by!) cats. There is no point in making an extraordinary product if no cat would eat it! In the product development stage of all our recipes, small batches are prepared and offered to cats to test.

The 3coty® tester cats include some that live with us and others whose owners give us feedback. When we are working with a particular owner on an issue they are experiencing, their cat also becomes a tester cat. The lab and veterinary labelling tests only start once the tester cats have chosen to eat a food flavour and approve its tastiness. Our food may be tested on animals, but is definitely cruelty-free!

Do you want your cat to become a 3coty® tester-cat?

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