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Managing bladder stones with an appropriate diet

Struvite stones in the urinary tract.
Urinary tract problems such as struvite crystals in cats can give owners quite a headache. Some urinary matters can be successfully managed with the proper diet which prevents distress to your cat. It is after all the distress that makes the issue apparent to the owner and the distress that we want to resolve. How to spot the problem? You can…

We are holding Black Cat Days again!

An opportunity for multi-cat households to buy large tins at a discount.
We know what it is like to feed lots of cats – our six Cornish Rexes get through a lot of food each day. If you have that many Main Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats, the amount of meat they eat is that much more. This is why we put our food into large tins as well as small ones. It is the same food, just more of…

Our look back at the crowning show of the year

Another must-be event, the World Show in Strasbourg is behind us.
Last weekend we went to the first cat show for some time, not because we dislike them, but because a broken hip in the team made putting up and being on a stand for a weekend rather difficult. We were very happy that everyone was fit enough to make it to the World Show. The FIFe World Show is not an ordinary show!…

3coty® at the FIFe World Show in Strasbourg

Will we see you at the FIFe World Show this month?.
As in previous years, we are excited to be at the FIFe World Show, this time in Strasbourg in beautiful Alsace. As vendors, we will have a stand where our team will be available on Saturday and Sunday to chat, catch up with old friends and answer any questions you may have. Unfortunately one of our Ambassadors, Andrea, won’t be at…

Sorry that we were quiet for a while!

While making and selling cat food we were also upgrading our website.
Cats are central to the lives of everyone who works with 3coty®. Cookie inspired us to research, develop and communicate what we discover. We write newsletters and blogs to share our growing knowledge of cat nutrition and how to support long and healthy cat lives. The silence over the last few months was not…

Sustainable Production

Our sustainable production meets your sustainable consumption.
UN research suggests that 13% of food is lost between harvest and retail and a further 17% of food is wasted at the consumer level. We have taken steps at 3coty® to reduce the amount of waste arising before our cat food is sold and are helping you reduce waste once it arrives with you. One of the key advantages of…

Not all raw meat is the same

We talk a lot about why cats live better if they only eat meat: their shorter digestive tract and reduced ability to absorb nutrients from other sources. But not all raw meat is the same.
Time from kill to plate.
Not only do housecat-sized cats in the wild mainly eat small rodents, but they also eat their catch incredibly fresh. For most of us these days it is practically…

Identification of feline food allergens

Mono-protein diets can help find the source of a food allergen.
When your cat is in distress and the vet tells you the reaction appears to be a food allergy, helping your pet recover can be a long process. Although the reaction is often easy to identify, the source of it is not. Unlike with humans, where skin tests are quite reliable, the tests for cats are a reasonable starting…

Feeding cats what they evolved to eat

Why some cat food is not natural.
In the wild, all cats exclusively eat meat, regardless of where they evolved. They are predators (and can be prey) and hunt animals from frogs to zebras. Their bodies have evolved to digest meat and cats are able to extract all necessary nutrients from meat alone. It follows that our pet cats should also only eat meat. With the increase in pet…

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