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Research findings on cat obesity

Some owners can’t tell their cat has a weight problem.
The Association for the Prevention of Pet Obesity recently published their regular survey on the state of obesity in pets. Unfortunately, the number of cats classified as overweight or obese by the veterinary professionals surveyed increased slightly to 61%. Previously 60% of cats fell into the overweight or obese ranges.…

3coty® releases Cheers! – a line of broth drink for cats

Made from meaty broth, 3coty® Cheers! encourages cats to drink.
To add to their 100% meat-based wet cat food 3coty® has developed a line of drinks for cats with the same meaty goodness. Having evolved in deserts, cats have a low thirst drive. Their bodies are designed to obtain their liquid requirement from the prey they kill. Although they will at times drink, insufficient liquid…

Natural processes on natural food

Slight color differences at the top of the tin.
At 3coty® we pride ourselves on making 100% natural food made from 100% meat. This means that we do not add any preservatives or colorants or stabilisers to our food. In the wild, a cat would not get any of these, why should they get them in your home? To make sure that our food stays free from bacteria or other contaminants, we use a…

3coty® releases complementary Support line

Complementary powders to be sprinkled onto cat food to provide targeted support.
3coty® has started a new line of complementary cat feeds to provide nutritional support. The powders are to be sprinkled onto the cat’s usual food and provide nutrients targeted at supporting specific health situations. The first three products in the 3coty® Support line provide additional nutrients to…

Food for a longer life

Helping the body help itself.
Millennia of evolution has fine-tuned human and feline bodies to the environments in which they lived. Systems developed inside us which help keep us healthy without any conscious input. The digestive system developed to extract nutrients from the food available, the immune system developed to fight off invasive bacteria or viruses and the respiratory…

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday.
In many households, humans eat food they may only eat at this time of year. Turkey, duck and ham are frequent Christmas dishes, carp, herring, fondue or raclette often help celebrate New Year. Added to that are lots of cakes, cookies, biscuits, and stollen. While we enjoy these, we need to make sure we avoid our cats getting ill from the…

Tested on animals?

Why we ask cats to test all our recipes.
Testing on animals is a controversial topic. Testing of soaps and cosmetics to be used by humans was once commonplace. Following campaigns to reduce cruelty to animals, this is now rarely the case. Scientists have found other methods to find out whether something is likely to irritate human skin and now use those in early testing phases.…

Managing bladder stones with an appropriate diet

Struvite stones in the urinary tract.
Urinary tract problems such as struvite crystals in cats can give owners quite a headache. Some urinary matters can be successfully managed with the proper diet which prevents distress to your cat. It is after all the distress that makes the issue apparent to the owner and the distress that we want to resolve. How to spot the problem? You can…

We are holding Black Cat Days again!

An opportunity for multi-cat households to buy large tins at a discount.
We know what it is like to feed lots of cats – our six Cornish Rexes get through a lot of food each day. If you have that many Main Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats, the amount of meat they eat is that much more. This is why we put our food into large tins as well as small ones. It is the same food, just more of…

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