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Serving our customers in Asia

Partners help us distribute and communicate.
At the beginning of our journey with 3coty®, most of our sales were to friends and breeders we knew from Aggie’s long history in showing and judging cats. They would call us and we took our natural wet cat food to the next event we were both attending. They talked about the benefits of our food to their friends and when selling kittens…

On the road with or without your cat

Options for travelling when you have cats.
Many people like to travel to experience a change in scenery. Having a cat living with you can pose a problem when you want to go on holiday. We asked around the 3coty® team and asked what our team members do, or have done when they have been away from home:
Boarding cattery:
Biscuit, the Snowshoe, loved going to the boarding…

What makes a good tin

Thinking of the environment, one tin at a time.
We spend a lot of time talking about our 100% meat wet cat food. We explain why we only put meat in it and hope you share our desire to feed as many cats as possible with the best possible food. To get the food to you, we need to package it in something. We care as much about the packaging we use as we do about the food we make. There…

The consistency of wet food

Factors which affect how firm our food is.
Different flavors of 3coty® wet cat food can vary in how firm they are and whether they keep their shape once scooped into the cat bowl. This is partly because of the texture of that flavor, however, more heavily affected by the moisture content. The lower the moisture content, the firmer the food. The moisture content reflects how much…

Looking back at May

Changes you may have noticed.
We had a lot going on in May this year. We had a significant increase in orders for some products and changed our usual production schedule to meet these orders. Unfortunately, that meant that we were low on other sizes and flavors. We have reviewed how that could happen and have devised an improved production schedule which means this should not…

Technology at 3coty®

Where we use machines in our business – and more importantly, where we don’t.
Machines have been part of human life for hundreds of years. Technology developments mean that machines are now in more and more places and they make our lives easier. They also make our lives with cats easier – just think of the development from manual can-openers to be used on thick metal tins, to…

Brand-new cooperation in Finland

Giving Finnish customers more options.
Many of our customers are in Finland. We have a long relationship with two Finnish cat clubs, Suomen Egyptinmaut ry and Cornish Rex ry, which may have contributed to cat owners in Finland learning about our 100% meat natural wet cat food. We love going to cat shows in Finland and meet our customers at the Surok or Pirok shows. They are always…

Because cats get older too

Our new line dedicated to senior cats.
Our aim at 3coty® is to help cats live long and healthy lives. We know that as cats get older, their needs may change. Some older cats will have lost teeth and struggle to chew shredded or paté foods. Many older cats have digestive problems leading to painful and difficult-to-manage constipation. To enable owners to help their cats as they…

Cheers! Our nutritious broth to encourage drinking

Full meat flavor broth that cats will just lap up.
Cats evolved to survive in the desert. They have a low thirst drive and tend to get all the fluid they need from the wet food they eat. Consuming enough liquid is vital to supporting healthy kidney function. Sometimes it can be difficult to encourage your cat to drink enough. To help make drinking more interesting, we have…

It’s showtime again!

North Sea Winner Show – 3 days 2 certificates.
Over the Easter weekend, the regular organisers of the FIFe North Sea Winner Show 2024 are once again putting together a full weekend cat show. This is the same team who put together the World Show in Belgium, one of the best-organised shows we have been to. We are proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s North Sea Winners…

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