Oils in our natural cat food

Why we add plant oils to 3coty® natural cat food

To ensure that 3coty® natural cat food is fully balanced and a complete meal, it is important that it contains all necessary nutrients. We all know and remember the importance of Taurine. But Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are also crucial to a cat’s well-being are as they  help build strong cells. They are present naturally in some plant oils and various fish oils.

We have chosen the oils which contain the nutrient in a form that cats can absorb easily and benefit from. This last point is important. Only because an Omega 3 fatty acid is present in an oil, does not mean that it will be absorbed or that other parts of the oil are tolerated. Fish oils, for example, are an excellent source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, however completely unsuitable for a cat with an allergy to fish products.

Oils added to 3coty® natural cat food are carefully selected for their suitability to cats and their nutritional value.

We use Evening Primrose Oil as it is high in Omega 6, which contributes to healthy skin and coat and supports the fight against allergies. Flaxseed and grapeseed oil aid digestion and the latter helps cats who suffer from hairballs. To boost and balance the immune system and help with a shiny coat, we use the Hempseed oil (not to be mistaken for cannabis oil that contains THC).

Our food also used to contain virgin coconut oil, but we decided to discontinue it from the food, due to its strong taste. Even though, we know many breeders use coconut oils on their cat’s coat. We also have chosen not to use black seed oil, despite its high nutritional value as it has a strong smell. Because we do not add artificial flavours to our food, we cannot mask that smell and it may put some cats off eating our food.

If you are not feeding your cat only 3coty®, what oil are you adding to your cat’s food?

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