Why are we called 3coty®?

What is the story behind our brand name, is a question so often asked. Each story has its beginning, there is always an answer to the question “why?”.

Our English copywriter and editor was curious as to the origins of our name – does it mean something in Polish, any other language? Why 3? Should it be pronounced ‘trzy’ rather than ‘three’? So we explained to her why we decided on 3coty® as the brand name for our natural cat food.

There is a Polish connection, of course, we make our cat food in the heart of Poland. The connection is that the word ‘cats’ in Polish is ‘koty’.

There is also a connection to our many years as breeders and owners of show cats. For many attending cat shows, COTY is a very familiar abbreviation of the Cat Of The Year. Mikado, Aggie’s first real show cat who won many shows in her life, topped this achievement by being a finalist in the COTY events as a kitten/youngster, an adult and as a senior – three different categories. Other cats of ours, not as famous as Mikado, have also been part of the Cat Of The Year listings. We also had three important cats living with us at the time of the founding of the cat food business: Cookie, whose story is here, Kenzo, our chief taste tester and Ruda (real name Justify My Love), who sat at home and let the men of the house do the work. All three are pictured in our logo, Ruda on the left, Cookie in the middle and Kenzo on the right.

So the number at the beginning of our brand name really is a number, which you can pronounce ‘three-coty’ in English, ‘drei-coty’ in German, ‘trzy-coty’ in Polish or ‘trois-coty’ in French.

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