3coty® in your local pet store

Popping into your local pet shop for 3coty®

Our objective is to help as many cats in the world to live long and healthy lives. To be able to reach as many cat owners as possible, we set up our online shop and ship directly to customers throughout Europe, including Switzerland and the UK. We also have distribution partners in Asia who place larger orders with us to sell to cat owners and breeders in their countries.

People who visited us at the cat shows last year have also often used that as an opportunity to buy directly from us. What they have also told us is that it would be really helpful sometimes to be able to buy their cat’s favourite food in a local pet shop. Placing an order and waiting for delivery can be annoying when you suddenly realise that while dealing with all the kittens last week, you forgot to order the 32. Chicken with Spirulina for baby kittens and mother cats!

We are always happy to get to know shops for our products which you would find convenient. Only because we are mainly online in Europe does not mean we don’t want to have partnerships with quality pet shops. We are working on building a map of places where 3coty® is available across Europe that you, our customer, trust. If you would like us to start working with a pet shop near you, please let us know and we will talk to them.

Do you wish you could buy the occasional tin locally? If so, where would that be?

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