Cookie, our founding cat has left

The cat that inspired our hard work has purred his last pur

3coty® was founded to develop cat food that resembled their diet in nature as much as possible. The inspiration for this came from Cookie, a Cornish Rex who suffered from multiple allergies. Providing him with food which did not provoke his immune system was the basis of our research and development goals.

We are extremely proud of having developed our exceptional food which helped him live a far more pleasant life than with constant allergic reactions. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for a cat to die, and in Cookie’s case, feline arterial thromboembolism sadly and unexpectedly took him from our lives.

He touched us deeply, changed our lives and made 3coty® happen. Throughout the years, everything we did put Cookie and his health and allergies first. We will continue to honor the part he played in our lives and remember him whenever we see him on our logo, research new ingredients and when we launch new flavours. We had planned to give him happy old age. We will miss his happy purring and loving look in his one blue and one green eye. He left a big paw-print in our hearts.

Sweetpurr’s Cookie Dough
22.09.2014 – 22.04.2023

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