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Cookie, our founding cat has left

The cat that inspired our hard work has purred his last pur.
3coty® was founded to develop cat food that resembled their diet in nature as much as possible. The inspiration for this came from Cookie, a Cornish Rex who suffered from multiple allergies. Providing him with food which did not provoke his immune system was the basis of our research and development goals. We are…

Why are we called 3coty®?

What is the story behind our brand name, is a question so often asked. Each story has its beginning, there is always an answer to the question “why?”. Our English copywriter and editor was curious as to the origins of our name – does it mean something in Polish, any other language? Why 3? Should it be pronounced ‘trzy’ rather than ‘three’? So we…

Singapura loves 3coty

Our studio has been visited by gorgeous Singapura boy few days ago. This little chap was on the way to his new home 🙂 He will be thee “face” of 3coty in near months. Did you know, that Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of cats. With its large eyes and ears, brown ticked coat and blunt tail is the real heart-breaker. Reportedly established from three “drain…

3coty Team – Bandzior

Bandzior, black and white shorthair cat has been part of the 3coty Team for a while. As he visited Warsaw, we had an opportunity for small photoshoot. Follow Bandzior on Instagram:

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