From Norway via Italy to our hearts

We are very happy to have partnered with ASI – an Italian Breed Club dedicated to the promotion of Norwegian Forrest Cats. All ASI’s members will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits of the 3cotyClub. For them, surely the 780g and 1200g tins will be the perfect choice!

The A.S.I. (Associazione Skogkatt Italia) was founded in September 2012 and brings together breeders, owners and admirers of Norwegian Forest cats, with the following objectives:

1) develop the interest, knowledge and study of the Norwegian breed cat;
2) preserve the genotype / phenotype of the Norwegian breed cat and promote and encourage its breeding;
3) contribute to the control and prevention of hereditary and non-hereditary genetic diseases;
4) to assist, within the limits of its possibilities, its associates in all initiatives that have a general interest in achieving the social goals;
5) to promote studies and exchanges of experience with other breed clubs;
6) encourage mutual assistance among members, such as breeders or owners of Norwegian Forest cats.

The Club was recognized by ANFI in December 2012.

Visit ASI’s web site to learn more about Norwegian Forrest Cats in Italy:

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