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From Norway via Italy to our hearts

We are very happy to have partnered with ASI – an Italian Breed Club dedicated to the promotion of Norwegian Forrest Cats. All ASI’s members will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits of the 3cotyClub. For them, surely the 780g and 1200g tins will be the perfect choice! The A.S.I. (Associazione Skogkatt Italia) was founded in September 2012 and brings together…

Egyptian Mau in Finland steals 3coty®’s heart

We are happy to announce our partnership with Finnish breed group Suomen Egyptinmaut ry. Suomen Egyptinmaut ry aims to promote Egyptian Mau breeding, wellbeing and recognition in Finland. They are under the umbrella of Suomen Kissaliitto, FIFe Finnish association, but Mau owners and fans from other organisations are welcome. Their magazine is published once a year in paper form and they…

3coty® is proud to partner with Cornish Rex ry, the group for fans of curly-coated cats

Cornish Rex ry is a breed club for the curly-coated Cornish Rex founded in the autumn of 2020. The purpose of the club is to promote knowledge about the breed Cornish Rex, breed-specific care, breeds health and breeding. The club acts as a link between Cornish Rex enthusiasts and all those interested in Cornish Rex. The club tries to spread information about the breed and arouse interest…

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