You can influence how long your cat lives

How long your cat lives happily and healthily depends on many things. Its breed, whether it goes outside or is a house cat, its own activity levels, nutrition and underlying medical conditions all influence how long a cat can live. As owners, we can influence a number of these things. For example, indoor cats tend to live longer than those who roam around outdoors and active cats tend to live longer than inactive ones (even if those 1 am zoomies wake you up, they are good for the cat!). A key aspect owners can influence is cat nutrition. A proper nutritious diet has a direct impact on the quality of life and longevity of a cat.

Cats are true carnivores – that means their diet should consist of meat only and they cannot be vegetarian (even when the owner is vegetarian). Their digestion is just not set up to digest vegetables and cereals. A complete and balanced diet, which meets all the cat’s nutritional needs helps maintain and improve your cat’s overall health and its mental and physical well-being.

At 3coty® we constantly develop new products to support all life stages from kitten to senior cats, to improve cats’ quality of life. We would like to hear your suggestions or individual cat’s needs.

So, reach out to us. Talk to us, share your ideas!

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