Something for the jealous adult cats

Fully grown cats get their own bedroll!

We have been making and selling kitten bedrolls from the outset. Our breeding experience had sparked the idea of somewhere safe for the kittens to snuggle which was also portable. The kitten bedroll made of polar fleece fabric provides a cuddly place for a whole litter of kittens to curl up together. Because 3coty® is about helping breeders and owners make life better for their cats and kittens, we have been selling these as well as the natural wet cat food.

Our older cats and those of our customers were also very attracted to the soft fleece bedroll we had made for kittens. Except that they didn’t really fit into the kitten sized ones. So we are now making bigger ones too. We spent some time working out the precise dimensions (our cats loved the testing phase – the prototypes do still get used!) and we are now pleased to be able to offer you our new product: the bedroll for adult cats. The adult version is not only much larger than the kitten version but also is made with a thicker inner – that makes it more fun for cats to snuggle, hide or crawl into their own space. It also gives you more options to play around with the shape. Your cat will just love it all year round, but it is perfect for chilly nights.

Like the bedrolls for kittens, they are available in our three brand colour combinations, and we have enough in stock for you to place your order for any of the colours this week.

What is your cat’s favourite snuggle spot? Does your cat care about the colour of where they sleep?

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