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What the different options mean?

At 3coty® we have partnered with DHL for all the shipping of our natural 100% meat wet cat food. DHL offer two different services most applicable to our owner and breeder customers, DHL Express and DHL Parcel. The DHL Express service always delivers door to door, the DHL Parcel service can deliver door to door, but in some places, the packages are delivered to a parcel pick-up point from which customers need to collect their orders.

There can be times when the Parcel service to a parcel pick-up point is more expensive than the door-to-door service. We recommend that you check the prices displayed in your cart when you place an order, before proceeding to the check-out. When you check the prices, you will see “50% off” next to them, because we pay half the cost of shipping. The DHL prices are changing at least once a month at the moment. We pay DHL in Polish Zloty, even though you may be paying us in euros or Swiss francs. The combination of DHL’s price movement and currency movements can mean that shipping prices change from order to order.

The cost of the shipping and the service is set by DHL and is based on weight and dimensions. Something big and light can cost the same as something small and heavy. Ordering in multiples of 6 tins makes the packing easier as our custom-made boxes are designed for 6 tins each. This way the tins are best protected from damage in transport. They do sometimes get bashed about a bit and if the tape is damaged, it doesn’t matter – it is meant to take the hit! As long as the tins are not punctured, you can still feed their content to your cat.

We are introducing a local collection service from our factory and now that we are travelling to shows, we are thinking of offering a collection service from shows. Would you order to collect at a cat show we are attending?

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