Sorry that we were quiet for a while!

While making and selling cat food we were also upgrading our website

Cats are central to the lives of everyone who works with 3coty®. Cookie inspired us to research, develop and communicate what we discover. We write newsletters and blogs to share our growing knowledge of cat nutrition and how to support long and healthy cat lives. The silence over the last few months was not because we had nothing to share but because we wanted the information to be easier to find.

Our newsletters follow our experiences, in terms of research, time of year and upcoming cat shows. We know that the lives of our readers may not follow the same pattern. And there is nothing more annoying than remembering “I read about that…” when your cat has a problem and then not finding the article.

To help you with this, we have invested in a brand-new platform for our newsletters and blog posts. The visuals have been updated so it looks a bit different. A bigger change is that we can now publish in more languages to reach more cat owners and breeders. The biggest change and benefit to you is the exceptional search function in different languages.

Do you want to know about allergies? Your cat has just been diagnosed with diabetes? With the new platform, you can quickly find our answers to your questions on feline health. Our aim is to develop the blog platform as a tool for you! We would like you to be able to find useful nutritional information for your cat easily, quickly, and when you need it, regardless of when we publish it.

Why not head to our updated blog site and research a topic close to your heart?

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