Unconditional love

Responding to the honour of being loved by a cat

Alongside dogs, cats are the most common pets in Europe. Their behaviour within a household could not be more different though. There are many jokes about a dog believing its owner is a god because they do everything for the dog, whereas a cat believes it is a god for the same reason.

Once a cat has ‘chosen’ its human it will show its love to that human in many different ways. When the whole family sits on the sofa, the cat will always go to its favourite human. And unlike dogs, the favourite human does not have to be the one who fills the food bowl. The 10-year-old who does nothing for the cat’s comfort can still be the human that the cat always wants to sit with. A love based on the person with no conditions attached.

Receiving this unconditional love from a cat is a true compliment. It will not change its mind, even if you leave it in the care of another for some time. Once you return, you may even be scolded for not being around.

This unconditional love is also a responsibility. The cat has decided that this one person is the “Human” they will always go to when seeking comfort. Taking on that responsibility means doing the best possible things to enable the cat to live a long and healthy life. That includes feeding it healthy, natural food like 3coty® 100% meat only wet cat food, it includes providing the right exercise opportunities that particular cat enjoys and recognising changes in behaviour quickly to be able to respond to them with the right veterinarian solution.

Learning about how you can provide your cat with the right environment is the first step to taking the responsibility of their unconditional love serious. The next is the right food and exercise.

How does your cat show its unconditional love to you?

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