Our look back at the crowning show of the year

Another must-be event, the World Show in Strasbourg is behind us

Last weekend we went to the first cat show for some time, not because we dislike them, but because a broken hip in the team made putting up and being on a stand for a weekend rather difficult. We were very happy that everyone was fit enough to make it to the World Show.

The FIFe World Show is not an ordinary show! This year’s World Show was organised by the  French member of the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe). FIFe was founded in 1949 by the French, Flanders and Italian cat breeding federations and has grown internationally since then. FIFe now has members from 40 countries around the world. The annual World Show is hosted in a different country each year. It is the largest cat fancier event in the world. This year nearly 1,400 cats took part from as far away as China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil.

The cats travel these distances to compete for the World Winner title. This prestigious title is added to the cat’s registered name with their Cat Club and marks out a truly exceptional breed representative. We are proud to say that some of the World Winner cats are fed 3coty® natural cat food! The World Show is THE place to see the best cats in the world and meet their owners and breeders. Cat fancy enthusiasts from around the world travel to the World Show, even without their cats, to admire the cats of others, see old friends, make new ones and keep abreast of developments in cat breeding.

The first World Show attended by a 3coty® team member was when Aggie went to the World Show in 1996 to show her cat Mikado. The show in Strasbourg was the 10th World Show she has attended either as an exhibitor, fan, sponsor or, like this time, a vendor. The 3coty® stand was visited by many exhibitors and the general public. We were able to answer questions on our food and cat nutrition, helping owners find the right food for their cat. We were pleased to see how many people picked up a tin to read the ingredients in our food. The more cat owners who take the nutrition of their cats seriously, the more cats will have healthy and long lives.

We enjoyed seeing old friends (both humans and cats) during the show and catching up with them. We also welcomed new customers, many signed up for this newsletter. All subscribers will receive early information on the new products we are developing. The newsletter will also include information on which events we will be visiting in 2024, we are working on our calendar right now!

Next year’s World Show is going to be in Norway, for which cats will need to qualify in shows over the next 12 months. Which other shows should we go to?

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