Identification of feline food allergens

Mono-protein diets can help find the source of a food allergen

When your cat is in distress and the vet tells you the reaction appears to be a food allergy, helping your pet recover can be a long process. Although the reaction is often easy to identify, the source of it is not. Unlike with humans, where skin tests are quite reliable, the tests for cats are a reasonable starting point, however, the only reliable approach is trial and error.

By changing the food you are feeding your cat, you can find out what is causing the reaction. Creating and maintaining an elimination diet raises its own challenges. Many commercial cat foods include a large number of ingredients. Isolating the one ingredient causing the allergy from this large number can be very difficult. Avoiding commercial cat food completely and feeding just chicken from the butcher can result in nutrient deficiencies. That can create a new problem even if resolving the first one.

This is why we have developed a number of different meat-only mono-protein flavors of 3coty® natural wet cat food. Selecting one which is made of an animal your cat has not previously eaten (for example 05. Duck or 07. Turkey) you can quickly eliminate any vegetables, grains, fish products, preservatives or colorings your cat may have been eating before. Choosing a meat they are unfamiliar with removes another possible source of the allergy. Poultry is a natural source of food for cats in the wild, so their digestive system can easily absorb nutrients without creating the unpleasant overstimulation of the immune system, which is why we made these suggestions.

What 3coty® flavor is made of meat your cat hasn’t eaten yet? Or does it eat all our flavors?


An allergy is a response by a cat’s immune system to defend itself against something that it perceives as a threat. An allergic reaction doesn’t happen the first time an individual cat is exposed to the ingredient but starts showing after repeated consumption.

Food intolerances do not involve the immune system and are more likely to cause only gastrointestinal responses such as changes in the consistency or color of the cat’s stool or unusual sounds from the digestive system.

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