Our office is now on site

Our administration has moved into the factory building

Our purpose-built factory in the heart of Poland has been the centre of our activities ever since it was completed. We did still have an office space in Warsaw but increasingly were only going there to pick up our post. We are spending the bulk of our time researching and manufacturing 3coty® natural cat food at the factory building so have decided to stop driving in and out of Warsaw and moved our official address.

Why are we telling you this? Because all our Terms and Conditions include our address. And having changed our address, we need to update our Terms and Conditions. Which is annoying – for us as well as for you. Although the only thing that has changed in the Terms and Conditions is our address, you will unfortunately have to re-agree to them. We have not changed anything else about them, we are happy with them, you, our customers are happy with them, and the law has not changed either. Just where our post goes!

Please accept our updated T&Cs and don’t worry, we haven’t snuck anything in.

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