What is in our Multipacks?

What we have in our multipacks and why we created them?

Although many of our customers like to put together their own selection of flavours, we have created four multipacks in each of our tin sizes to make it easy to choose similar products and still let your cat eat a variety of flavours. Multipacks A and B are CHICKEN-based, so chicken (A&B), chicken & goose (A&B), chicken & duck (A) or chicken & turkey (B). Multipacks C and D are TURKEY-based and none of the products in these selections contain chicken. If an elimination diet has identified that your cat is allergic to chicken or turkey, you can choose the best multipack for your cat.

The multipacks also fit neatly into one of our cardboard packing boxes, so make the most of the package being sent. Most boxes contain six tins, except for the largest size, 780g which contain three tins per pack.

Which multipack suits our cat best? If you haven’t tried them yet, why not choose a multipack for your next order?

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