Spirulina – now available perfectly portioned in cat food

Poland based 3coty® have extended their range of natural, meat-based, complete cat food to include flavours enhanced with Spirulina’s natural goodness.

Spirulina is a group of algae with a very high protein, vitamin and mineral content. It has been recognised as beneficial to human health for some time. Following research into spirulina’s benefits to cats, 3coty® decided to develop a special suite of flavours, enhanced with spirulina. It has been found to support the immune system while it fights diseases and infections as well as fighting allergies. Its cells are not as fibrous as many others, making it easy for the digestive system to absorb the high level so vitamin A, B12 and E as well as its wealth of minerals, from easy-to-absorb iron (not the usual additive iron-sulphate) to valuable fatty acids including GLA.

The team at 3coty® continually follows the state-of-the-art research into cat health and seeks to apply it to their products to enable cat owners and breeders to easily benefit from the research findings, without having to delve into the research papers themselves. This new range of spirulina flavours is particularly suited to cats recovering from an illness or fighting allergies, however is equally suited for the everyday feeding of any cat.

“One of the points of me being part of the team as a biochemist is that I can understand the complex research into health issues and distil the important parts to apply it to developing our cat food” Marcin Kindler, Co-founder of 3coty®.

All 3coty® natural cat food ranges are available for direct purchase from the producer, via online store www.3coty.com, or in selected vet and pet stores.

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About 3coty®

3coty® is a producer of natural cat food based near Warsaw in Poland. From their origins of making 100% meat-based food for cats suffering from allergies, they now have a purpose-built factory in the heart of Poland where they manufacture and package a wide range of cat foods made from EU certified meat suppliers. They continue to expand their range of flavours and ingredients to address an increasing number of feline conditions which can be nutritionally managed. 3coty® has worked with breeders and owners on specific problems and is open to working with more breeders or owners on research cooperation. 3coty®’s founders are always interested in learning whether shifting a cat’s lifestyle to its original natural form can improve other aspects of cats and their owners’ lives. Customers in Europe (including Switzerland and the UK) can purchase 3coty® cat food directly from the factory using the online shopping facility at www.3coty.com. For customers in Asia, 3coty® has entered into distribution agreements in different countries.

3coty® is a trading name of 376west Sp. z o.o., based in Pruszków in Poland, PL14218302 and PL1421121p.

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