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3coty® releases Cheers! – a line of broth drink for cats

Made from meaty broth, 3coty® Cheers! encourages cats to drink.
To add to their 100% meat-based wet cat food 3coty® has developed a line of drinks for cats with the same meaty goodness. Having evolved in deserts, cats have a low thirst drive. Their bodies are designed to obtain their liquid requirement from the prey they kill. Although they will at times drink, insufficient liquid…

3coty® releases complementary Support line

Complementary powders to be sprinkled onto cat food to provide targeted support.
3coty® has started a new line of complementary cat feeds to provide nutritional support. The powders are to be sprinkled onto the cat’s usual food and provide nutrients targeted at supporting specific health situations. The first three products in the 3coty® Support line provide additional nutrients to…

3coty® launch new Antarctic krill range with Aker BioMarine at Zoomark

Enriched with sustainably harvested Antarctic krill, the new range delivers superior Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in 3coty®’s natural, complete, balanced wet cat food .
3coty® is proud to be launching a new product range in conjunction with Aker BioMarine at Zoomark in BolognaFiere on 15 May 2023. The flavors in this range contain 5% Antarctic krill (QrillPet) with 95% chicken or…

Spirulina – now available perfectly portioned in cat food

Poland based 3coty® have extended their range of natural, meat-based, complete cat food to include flavours enhanced with Spirulina’s natural goodness..
Spirulina is a group of algae with a very high protein, vitamin and mineral content. It has been recognised as beneficial to human health for some time. Following research into spirulina’s benefits to cats, 3coty® decided to…

Nutrition prevents lifelong injections to manage feline diabetes

Hugo, a Turkish Angora living in Finland was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4 in October 2019. His initial vet recommended he was put down to relieve the suffering of diabetes. His owner Minna was determined to find a way for him to live. She changed vets to one who prescribed Lantus insulin injections to manage his condition. Following research evidence that a change in diet can…

Duck – new mono protein cat food suitable for elimination diet

3coty® is delighted to announce its newest mono protein cat food made from duck. It is an ideal elimination diet food for cats diagnosed with food allergies. The dark duck meat allows the body to absorb its necessary nutrients while dealing with the immune reaction to the allergen. 3coty® have previously made chicken, turkey and goose mono protein cat food and with the addition of duck, is…

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