3coty® launch new Antarctic krill range with Aker BioMarine at Zoomark

Enriched with sustainably harvested Antarctic krill, the new range delivers superior Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in 3coty®’s natural, complete, balanced wet cat food

3coty® is proud to be launching a new product range in conjunction with Aker BioMarine at Zoomark in BolognaFiere on 15 May 2023. The flavors in this range contain 5% Antarctic krill (QrillPet) with 95% chicken or turkey.

The Antarctic krill content provides marine Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, choline, and the antioxidant astaxanthin from some of the cleanest oceans on the planet. The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are vital in cell health, supporting healthy eyes, coats, and joints. Choline is essential in brain development, learning process and nerve transmitters and supports healthy liver function. Astaxanthin can support and enhance the immune system of cats of all ages making the immune cells more flexible and resistant.

This marine source of nutrients is very bioavailable, meaning that animals with short digestive systems, like cats, can absorb the nutrients easily. The feline metabolism has evolved to extract nutrients from animals and does not process raw plant material very well. Identifying an animal source of these nutrients is very exciting.

The Antarctic Krill has the added benefit of living in the Southern Ocean, one of the cleanest oceans on Earth. Unlike farmed salmon or fish caught in busy shipping lanes around Europe, Antarctic krill is not exposed to common water pollutants or heavy metals.

The three launch products are:


The first of our range of natural, balanced cat foods that includes Krill as one of the protein sources. Its marine Omega-3 and -6 content allows fully balanced nutritional needs to be covered without the inclusion of any plant oils. The chicken content provides it with a taste familiar to most cats.
80g | 180g | 390g | 780g


Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are not produced in a cat’s body and must be eaten to provide their benefits. Antarctic Krill is a superior source of these nutrients, sustainably harvested and makes up 5% of this flavor. This second krill-enhanced duoprotein cat food enables high levels of Omega-3 in a cat’s diet for those adult cats who prefer turkey to chicken.
80g | 180g | 390g | 780g

18. TURKEY + KRILL Coat Support

As well as the optimal Omega-3s, this flavor has higher levels of biotin than others due to its brown algae content. Also called vitamin B7, biotin plays a strong role in supporting the growth of fur in cats. Together with easily absorbed Omega-3 fatty acids, it contributes to strong hair growth.
80g | 180g | 390g | 780g

All 3coty® natural cat food ranges are available for direct purchase from the producer, via online store www.3coty.com, or in selected vet and pet stores.

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About 3coty®

3coty® is a producer of natural cat food based near Warsaw in Poland. From their origins of making 100% meat-based food for cats suffering from allergies, they now have a purpose-built factory in the heart of Poland where they manufacture and package a wide range of cat foods made from EU certified meat suppliers. They continue to expand their range of flavours and ingredients to address an increasing number of feline conditions which can be nutritionally managed. 3coty® has worked with breeders and owners on specific problems and is open to working with more breeders or owners on research cooperation. 3coty®’s founders are always interested in learning whether shifting a cat’s lifestyle to its original natural form can improve other aspects of cats and their owners’ lives. Customers in Europe (including Switzerland and the UK) can purchase 3coty® cat food directly from the factory using the online shopping facility at www.3coty.com. For customers in Asia, 3coty® has entered into distribution agreements in different countries.

3coty® is a trading name of 376west Sp. z o.o., based in Pruszków in Poland, PL14218302 and PL1421121p.

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