Duck – new mono protein cat food suitable for elimination diet

3coty® is delighted to announce its newest mono protein cat food made from duck. It is an ideal elimination diet food for cats diagnosed with food allergies. The dark duck meat allows the body to absorb its necessary nutrients while dealing with the immune reaction to the allergen. 3coty® have previously made chicken, turkey and goose mono protein cat food and with the addition of duck, is able to provide meat alternative to allergy-causing proteins, such as beef, fish or pork. The duck range is enriched with organic evening primrose oil to provide the necessary omega-3 fatty acids, as well as hemp oil, which supports body’s immune system.

Elimination diet

Allergies in cats and humans are complex immune system reactions to substances. The only solution to reducing the allergic reaction is to remove the allergen. With food allergies, in particular, it can be a long and challenging journey to identify which substance the immune system is reacting to. A complete change of diet to one protein made up of new and few ingredients is referred to as an elimination diet, during which changes in allergy symptoms can be observed. If after 7 – 21 days, the allergic reaction has receded, other items could be re-introduced to identify the ingredient which was triggering the allergic reaction. By placing a cat on a diet made up of foods the cat has not previously eaten, the owner can be certain it does not contain the substance triggering the allergy. Elimination diets may require multiple phases if the allergic response does not reduce after switching to the first low-ingredient complete food. The increasing range of alternative flavours which can be used as elimination diets makes 3coty® a valuable companion on the journey to managing food allergies in cats.

Meat only cat food

Dark meats are often recommended as elimination diets in allergic cats because it is less likely they will have eaten such meat before. Most dark meat cat foods are made from animals quite distant from a cats natural food sources. Although cat food made of kangaroo, beef or wild dear will meet the requirement to have not previously been eaten by the cat, to make those foods truly complete with the right balance of roughage and fiber, additional ingredients would need to be added. The advantage of duck is that being a bird, it has the innards cats are designed to eat. This new product, made from EU certified duck, therefore, strikes the balance between being different enough from chicken to be suitable for cats allergic to chicken, yet remains poultry, a food category cats naturally eat in the wild.

To ensure that 3coty®’s cat food is not only natural but also balanced and complete, all mono protein cat foods are enriched with organic plant oils to avoid exposure to fish, a common food allergen. Evening primrose oil is equally good at delivering vital omega 3 fatty acids to cats as it is to humans and together with flaxseed, grapeseed and hemp oil it rounds off the list of ingredients. The only other addition is taurine, an amino acid cats in the wild obtain from mice, that needs to be added for cats on mouse-free diets.

“We developed the duck product specifically to provide owners of allergic cats as many different alternatives as possible. In our own journey with Cookie taught us patience while observing allergy symptoms and the need to have multiple options to clearly identify which ingredient was causing them. It also means that some allergic cats may be able to eat more than one product in our range providing them with variety in their meals.” Aggie Sobczynska, Owner of Cookie, Co-founder of 3coty®.

All 3coty® natural cat food ranges are available for direct purchase from the producer, via online store, or in selected vet and pet stores.

About 3coty®

3coty® is a producer of natural cat food based near Warsaw in Poland. From their origins of making 100% meat-based food for cats suffering from allergies, they now have a purpose-built factory in the heart of Poland where they manufacture and package a wide range of cat foods made from EU certified meat suppliers. They continue to expand their range of flavours and ingredients to address an increasing number of feline conditions which can be nutritionally managed. 3coty® has worked with breeders and owners on specific problems and is open to working with more breeders or owners on research cooperation. 3coty®’s founders are always interested in learning whether shifting a cat’s lifestyle to its original natural form can improve other aspects of cats and their owners’ lives. Customers in Europe (including Switzerland and the UK) can purchase 3coty® cat food directly from the factory using the online shopping facility at For customers in Asia, 3coty® has entered into distribution agreements in different countries.

3coty® is a trading name of 376west Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw and Pruszków in Poland, PL14218302 and PL1421121p.

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