Producer Statement – No gelling agents or thickeners added to 3coty® cat food

3coty® confirms that it has never added any gelling agents or thickeners to its 100% meat-only cat food and will not start doing so.

Guar gum and agar-agar are plant-based gelling agents, and carrageen is a plant-based thickener. Guar gum is derived from the guar bean, agar-agar and carrageen are both made from red algae. They carry no nutritional value for cats. Rather, they could have detrimental laxative effects. Commercial gelatine is collagen gained from the bones and skin of pork or beef through multiple complex processes. What these all have in common is that the source undergoes significant mechanical and chemical processes making it far from its natural original state as well as not being part of the natural diet of cats.

Cats eat the cartilage and bones of their prey. 3coty® has the ambition to resemble the natural food cats eat in the wild as closely as possible. This means their food includes the cartilage and bones from the same animal carcasses which provide the meat and innards. The collagen from these parts turns into jelly naturally in the production process. It is most apparent in the shredded varieties.

Only natural wet cat food is made in the dedicated 3coty® factory in the heart of Poland. As they use no jelling agents or thickeners in their production process, they do not purchase any, excluding any chances of cross-contamination from other products.

The founders stand by this guarantee of ingredients: “Our cat food and its production have always been focused on making sure we provide the ingredients a cat eats in the wild. This means 100% meat. We only add necessary nutritional additives, such as Taurine, selected vitamins or the essential amino acids. We have dedicated lines with evening primrose oil, flaxseed oils or antarctic krill. We use limited amounts of spirulina, chlorella or brown algae as immune system boosters in selected products.”

“We know that because we use natural ingredients, the amount of jelly can vary from batch to batch. That does not matter to us, as that could be the case for a wild cat too. What is more important to us is that our food only contains ingredients that help cats live a long and healthy life. We have said many times: if your cat does not need it, it is not in 3coty® food.” – Marcin Kindler, Founder and Head of Research, Development and Production

All 3coty® natural cat food ranges are available for direct purchase from the producer, via online store, or in selected vet and pet stores.

About 3coty®

3coty® is a producer of natural cat food based near Warsaw in Poland. From their origins of making 100% meat-based food for cats suffering from allergies, they now have a purpose-built factory in the heart of Poland where they manufacture and package a wide range of cat foods made from EU certified meat suppliers. They continue to expand their range of flavours and ingredients to address an increasing number of feline conditions which can be nutritionally managed. 3coty® has worked with breeders and owners on specific problems and is open to working with more breeders or owners on research cooperation. 3coty®’s founders are always interested in learning whether shifting a cat’s lifestyle to its original natural form can improve other aspects of cats and their owners’ lives. Customers in Europe (including Switzerland and the UK) can purchase 3coty® cat food directly from the factory using the online shopping facility at For customers in Asia, 3coty® has entered into distribution agreements in different countries.

3coty® is a trading name of 376west Sp. z o.o., based in Pruszków in Poland, PL14218302 and PL1421121p.

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