We are holding Black Cat Days again!

An opportunity for multi-cat households to buy large tins at a discount

We know what it is like to feed lots of cats – our six Cornish Rexes get through a lot of food each day. If you have that many Main Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats, the amount of meat they eat is that much more. This is why we put our food into large tins as well as small ones. It is the same food, just more of it for each time you use a tin opener.

At this time of year, there are lots of things we are expected to spend our money on. Presents for others, the cost of travelling to visit family or hosting a lot more people at your house (who would look after all those Maine Coons while you are away?). So, we decided to help multi-cat households out.

On each Black Cat Day we will be publishing discount codes on our social media channels for our 780g and 1200g tins. The discounts are in addition to any 3coty® Club discounts you have up to a maximum of 40% and apply while stocks of our large tins apply.

Remember – our food stays fresh and safe to eat for 48 hours after the tin is opened. So even if you don’t have 6 Maine Coons, a 780g tin could still be better value than two 390g tins.

Did you know that you can always order 1200g tins even if they are not in stock on the website? If you ask us we will fill 1200g tins during our next batch of your chosen flavor.

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