Nutrition prevents lifelong injections to manage feline diabetes

Hugo, a Turkish Angora living in Finland was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4 in October 2019. His initial vet recommended he was put down to relieve the suffering of diabetes. His owner Minna was determined to find a way for him to live. She changed vets to one who prescribed Lantus insulin injections to manage his condition. Following research evidence that a change in diet can reverse diabetes in humans, Minna joined forces with 3coty to find out whether this was possible for cats too. For two years now, Hugo has been eating only 3coty cat food and his blood sugar levels were regularly checked by his vet to ensure he is healthy. During this time, Hugo’s quality of life improved in many ways: his appetite improved, his blood sugar remained steady, his weight is under control, his fur is absolutely stunning and his skin healthy. He has lots of energy to play and takes long walks in his garden on a leash and in April 2021 his vet confirmed his diabetes was in remission.


Diabetes is a complicated disturbance in the metabolism and regulation of blood sugar levels and exists in cats as well as humans. Type II diabetes tends to develop later in life and is related to poor cell response to insulin. The usual treatment for feline diabetes is regular injections of insulin, such as the Lantus injections Hugo was getting. Following increasing evidence that type II diabetes can be managed by diet in humans, Minna wanted to find out whether this could be possible in cats too so that she did not have to inject Hugo as often. At the outset of his treatment, Hugo was being injected twice a day after checking his blood sugar levels. Minna discussed the possibility of adding dietary insulin management with her vet who agreed to work with her. As the biochemistry of diabetes is not significantly different in cats and humans, there was a reasonable chance that a nutritional approach could work for Hugo too. The vet agreed to continue to supervise Hugo’s health and Minna agreed that if the change in nutrition did not provide the results they hoped for, she would revert to injecting Hugo. Through Minna’s experience and contacts in breeding, she was aware of 3coty’s excellent results in helping owners of cats with allergies find nutritional solutions to the allergic reactions. She approached 3coty, who happily agreed to join forces on the condition that Hugo remained under constant veterinary care with regular check-ups to ensure that the reduction in insulin injections was not affecting his health.


By careful monitoring, not just of calorific consumption, but more importantly carbohydrate and sugar consumption together with Hugo’s natural instinct to exercise, Minna and her vet were able to find the optimum balance of how much of which 3coty® food to let Hugo eat so that blood sugar levels returned to normal. The move from the twice-daily injections to remission took some time. His blood sugar levels moved slowly and the dosage of insulin could be reduced and over time became less necessary. After 16 consecutive blood sugar tests which showed no need for supplementary insulin injections, Hugo was declared to be in remission.

Recently 7 kittens joined Hugo’s household and Minna was unsure whether this may upset the achievements. He is sensitive and appreciates his routines, small changes used to upset him. However, with his regained health and vitality, Hugo has taken to the pandemonium kittens can cause and has even been spotted sneaking to their food bowls to try kitten food. Fortunately, the kittens eat 3coty kitten food so his occasional snack is just as diabetes-friendly as his usual adult 3coty cat food.

Now that Minna does not need to subject herself or Hugo to the stress of the injections, 3coty are proud to be part of the team to give Hugo a happier, healthier and, most importantly, longer life.

All 3coty® natural cat food ranges are available for direct purchase from the producer, via online store, or in selected vet and pet stores.

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