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The amino acid Taurine

Essential for cats, less so for humans .
Many cat owners will have heard that it is important for cats to eat taurine. It is also one of the ingredients listed on some energy drinks sold for human consumption. So, what is taurine? Will feeding my cat food with taurine boost their energy or increase the frequency of 3 am zooms around the house? Or will eating cat food help boost my…

Nutritional Yeast as a food supplement

How baker’s yeast becomes inactive and a valuable source of vitamins.
Inactive nutritional yeast is increasing in popularity as a complementary food for cats. It is not the same as the block or powdered yeast bought to bake bread, but shares its high B vitamin content for healthy skin and fur and peptide to support the digestive system. What is yeast? Yeast is a collective term for…

Why should a cat’s diet be based on meat?

Plant-based proteins can be detrimental to your cat’s health.
There are increasing movements encouraging people to consume less meat and find plant-based sources of protein. Many people are adopting this #lifestyleshift in their own lives and then start investigating how they can share this approach with their pets. We have been asked in the past whether we produce vegan cat food.…

Managing bladder stones with an appropriate diet

Struvite stones in the urinary tract.
Urinary tract problems such as struvite crystals in cats can give owners quite a headache. Some urinary matters can be successfully managed with the proper diet which prevents distress to your cat. It is after all the distress that makes the issue apparent to the owner and the distress that we want to resolve. How to spot the problem? You can…

Not all raw meat is the same

We talk a lot about why cats live better if they only eat meat: their shorter digestive tract and reduced ability to absorb nutrients from other sources. But not all raw meat is the same.
Time from kill to plate.
Not only do housecat-sized cats in the wild mainly eat small rodents, but they also eat their catch incredibly fresh. For most of us these days it is practically…

Busting the milk myth

Is cow’s milk really the best choice for cats?.
There is a common belief that cow’s milk is the best milk for cats. If we see a homeless cat somewhere in our city or village the first thing that we think of is to give them cow’s milk. You can see TV spots or ads in which cats enjoy a bowl of milk, although usually not adverts aimed at cat owners. So, the question is –…

It’s in their nature

Where do cats come from?.
Like everything alive today, they evolved from primordial soup. All animals that survived the evolutionary process to be here today were the ones that gradually changed and developed to take advantage of changing conditions on Earth. Some ate plants, some ate other animals, some both. Ecosystems arose in which some animals dominated, and others were prey.…

BARF or not to BARF

Many cat owners are likely to have heard about a cat diet called BARF. This acronym stands for “biologically appropriate raw foods” or “bones and raw foods.” In simple words, the whole idea of BARF is – you feed your cat a diet that is the closest to its natural, real diet. As we all know cats are hunters, they hunt mice but also many other kinds of small prey like for example birds…

What to expect when changing over to 3coty®

Cats like routine and are not keen on change. Introducing anything new to them can take time. This applies to a new food as much as a new home or a new fellow animal in the household. Knowing what to expect and how to manage changing to new cat food will help you and your cat adjust to the change. We know that some food manufacturers add aromas and flavourings to their foods, which means…

Every drop counts

Water – the most important element needed for any animal.
Tasteless, transparent, odorless fluid, but vital for all known forms of life, including cats. During the summer heat, we want to remind cat owners to remember to provide fresh water for the cats in their household and be sure their pets have access to adequate amounts of this precious liquid. Of course, their water…

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